Septic Maintenance Tips

• Limit the water entering your septic tank by giving your system time to rest after heavy use.  Use water-saving fixtures; repair leaky toilets and dripping faucets and be conservative on your overall water usage.
• Avoid using a garbage disposal.  Garbage disposals add a tremendous amount of solids entering your septic tank which will cause you problems over a period of time.
• Discard of any type of grease in the garbage instead of putting it in the drain.  Grease can clog the septic tank or the soils surrounding the absorption field.
• We highly recommend that you do not use Rid-X or any other septic additive.  The use of these products in your septic tank will cause all contents in the septic tank to turn into sludge which is then dispersed into the drain field and clogs the lines.
• Never wait until there is a problem to call!! Make sure you have your septic system pumped every few years………A Royal Flush is always better than a Full House!!